Thanks for connecting!  I’d like to use this blog site:

  • to offer some useful and inspirational information to others,
  • to allow some dialog about the ideas we are thinking about,
  • to invite further dialog, perhaps confidential or even therapeutic in content***,
  • to give opportunity for people to help other people, here or around the world.

Check out the Inspirational Thots, the various blogs on healing and growing and various other features of this site. Please leave a response or contribute to the discussion. Or post a topic or question and we can learn from each other.

*** I AM AVAILABLE FOR COUNSELING IN PERSON, ON VIDEO CHAT, VIA EMAIL OR TEXT/CHAT ON THE INTERNET.  Please contact me if you would like to set that up, using the contact form attached.

Thanks for giving, sharing, and honoring others in sincerity and in love,


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