Our Projects

toddmikegabitSince 1999 we have conducted more than a dozen exchanges between the US and Central Asia, mostly in Kazakhstan.  Partners have included:  Project CURE and Rotary Int’l with over a million dollars worth of medical equipment and supplies donated and shipped, Sister Cities Int’l, Open World, SHARE Int’l, Central Asian Friendship Team, and many other organizations, churches and individuals.  Projects have included collaboration for medical and renewable energy professionals, law enforcement, emergency preparedness, education, cultural exchange and economic development.

We have also completed very satisfying projects in Chihuahua, Mexico and have cooperated in goodwill building in Israel.  Currently we have tentative plans to sponsor a delegation from Kazakhstan on the topics of government transparency in environmental issues and in judicial accountability.  We congratulate Kazakhstan for more than 20  years of independence and for aspiring to lead its people in a progressive way for their well being and for much valued stability in the region.

If you wish to donate to support our outreach projects, you can do so securely and responsibly at:  Network For Good

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