Ice Cream – with SALT?

Dad, I don’t think that’s such a good idea!


The SALT, that’s what!

Kids like SWEET ice cream; how come you’re salting it?

Dad said he knew all about making homemade ice cream, “Trust me!” is all he said.

Remember the special times when you got to make homemade ice cream?

All that milk and cream and sugar and vanilla, the dasher, the bucket, the ice and . . .


What’s that for?

I can’t believe Dad was putting so much salt in it.

Well, not exactly in it, but on the outside. So close, maybe it will leak into the ice cream and ruin it all!

Really, the salt was just added as all the ice was packed in around the inner bucket where all the good stuff was. Now, as mature adults, we understand that the salt changes the melting point of the ice, making it finish the good stuff tucked away inside the whole bucket. Then, lots of cranking. Lots of patience. Crank, Crank, turn the handle. Pack in more salt and ice. More cranking.

How long must this go on until the sweet treat is ready to be revealed and enjoyed by all?

Salt plus ice plus cranking plus patience will produce the most delicious sweet homemade ice cream.

So is your life as a leader. You may have the right stuff inside. You may have the desire to be excellent. But, are you ready for the process that can make you great? Time and patience and lots of perseverance are required. The process cannot be hurried too much, except by adding salt to the mix. The catalyst of change that must be present in our lives for us to mature into the desired finished product may seem to be working against us at times.

Why am I suffering?

How long must I serve in this unnoticed place?

Surely, this is not my ultimate destiny to be doing this!

But without the pressure to mature, you could just plod along and not see your leadership skills become solid. The process may seem counterintuitive but our Leader said to expect that. The greatest among you will be the one whose service impacts all others. The way up is down, down first to serve others.

The process was modeled by some of the greatest leaders the world has ever known.

David served his God, his nation, his King, his family. Then, he became the almost legendary king. Joseph served his way from slave and inmate to CAO of the world’s most powerful and prosperous nation. There were character-testing challenges along the way. The pressure to mature was shaping these great leaders.

How does rock salt make sweet ice cream?

One might as well ask, “how can serving others be the path to leadership?”

Good questions.

Jesus, having taken off His robe, wrapped a towel around His waist and began to wash the feet of his ambitious disciples. After that, the pressure of change brought out the maturity in each of them that only the Master could see before.

Dad knows how, “Trust Me!” is all He says.
Michael D. Coen
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