Ewe and I are FREE!

A brother from Jack Hayford’s Church on the Way used to do a cartoon feature called Ewe and I, speaking of sheep as symbols of believers.

In one cartoon he had a picture of a sheep in the middle of a beautiful pasture, his front legs wrapped through the iron bars of a prison cell.

He was pleading with God to deliver him so he could enjoy the pasture in view in front of him. When you looked closer at the picture, you realized the back wall of the prison cell and the two side walls also were already down and laying flat on the ground in the pasture grass. The only thing holding up the front wall of the iron bars was the sheep himself who was hanging on while praying for God to let him out.

In your prayers, I see you asking God to help you. That is good of course. But what if, like the sheep, He has done His part and you are still stuck? Then, like the sheep, you may need to let go and by faith walk out into the pasture and enjoy God’s presence and freedom as He provides and protects.

It is not only the prayer of faith but the act of faith, the walk of faith, that releases God’s power and resists the devil. Have you thought through the idea of “submit to God and resist the devil?” Submit to God by choosing to believe even when you still don’t feel anything. Then, take your stand (like an elephant vs. the rat) and the devil will flee. By faith, sing in your Spirit today, in Christ, in heavenly places.

The very worst thing that could happen today is that your body might fall apart and you would move from earth to heaven. Until that happens, the very worst thing is that you would have to face trials and challenges in His strength. You could know His presence through it, by faith. As you do that, you are laying up treasure in heaven by serving Him and reflecting some part of His image to the world around you that nobody can do like you can do it.

I hope you will FEEL FREE in your emotions what is true in God – whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Blessings to you in Him,

Mike Coen (mike@peoplehelpers.org)


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