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There is power in thanksgiving and praise

For the last month I’ve been reading a few Psalms each morning.  The writers, usually King David of Israel, are telling us to PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY GOD!, SHOUT TO THE LORD!, CLAP YOUR HANDS, SOUND YOUR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, FULFILL YOUR VOWS TO TELL OTHERS OF HIS WONDROUS WORKS!, SING!, DANCE!, REJOICE!

That is beyond the pious quietness of our reverence for the Supreme Being, Creator and Sustainer of the universe.  It is very personal, very passionate, don’t you see?

The amazing underlying story is what was going on in the life of the writer at the time. SUFFERING, ANXIETY, INJUSTICE, FEAR, AND INSECURITY.  Like, with David, “My enemies are plotting to kill me all day long!”  Yet he would reaffirm his trust that God was Himself the secret place of refuge even while David fled for his life when pursued by various enemies in his lifetime.

So.  Shed the quiet piety and get outrageously passionate about the Almighty God of the Universe who is YOUR GOD. And He is my God too!

Enjoy your life adventure with Him!

in the Father’s hands

Marilyn, Healthy with Cancer

Some years ago now, I was called out to serve Communion to a church member who was unable to attend services at the church I served.  She had bone cancer; her name was Marilyn.  After we discussed her grave condition and enjoyed the fellowship over the elements of Communion she made this remark:  “Pastor Mike, I feel sorry for people who don’t have what I have!”

“Yes,” I said, “You have hope in knowing Christ and others don’t know Him.”

“No, that’s not what I mean; it’s the cancer.  I know how much I need Jesus every day; others don’t know how much they really do need Him.”

I Need Him

I left that day, stricken by her bold and brave words.  Soon, I’ll be doing Marilyn’s funeral and I will share that amazing insight at her memorial services.  I wrote them down and kept them by my phone, waiting for the call that she had passed away.  Weeks later, I visited her at a low budget rehab facility where she was nursing a broken leg, the one with the cancer.  She had been at the hospital, stopped for lunch in their McDonald’s and caught her wheelchair in a floor drain, throwing her out on the floor.  That broken leg on top of everything else seemed cruel.

Marilyn’s remark was: “Wasn’t that a blessing, Pastor, that I broke my leg right there; I was already at the hospital!

More time and more visits and Marilyn each time was so caring and encouraging to me and to all those in the nursing facility.  She asked about my wife and children and grandchildren, then said: “Does my head look terrible up here where they took out part of my skull a few weeks ago?”  Her hair had grown in to cover the scars already . . . “I have a steel plate in there now.”  Marilyn was radiant, full of joy and peace as usual though nearing her departure from this world and her reception in Heaven.

Each time I went to see her, I shared how much her example meant to those who heard me tell her story.  One winter night I told her story to a weary missionary near the China border in Kazakhstan.  It inspired hope in everyone who could grasp the meaning of Marilyn’s insight and perspective.

After a couple of years of joy through suffering, Marilyn did pass away and I did her services and I shared her story with those who attended.  I have also shared her story with you to encourage you to be healthy like Marilyn was.  Do we realize how much we really do need Jesus in our lives?

Disasters, Trauma, Eclipse How do you handle it?

This has been quite a week around Northern Colorado, beginning with the total eclipse of the sun as the moon perfectly blocked the much larger light that we depend on for life on planet earth.  This week alone I was involved in the response to two tragic accidents which changed people’s lives.  At the same time in Texas, record levels of flooding have left many tragic stories and changed the course of whole communities, families and thousands of individuals.

We are actually pretty vulnerable aren’t we?  Where do you go to process such things that cannot be absorbed, explained, prevented or even repaired after the fact?  I find peace with God and learn to be comfortable with the chaos of human experience.  We need Him.  He is coming again soon to set things right.  Things have been anything but right since He left mankind in charge of things down here.  He’ll be back and deal justly with us.  I have yielded and I trust in His mercy through Christ.  How do you handle trauma and tragedy?

In His capable hands, now and forever, I rest in His grip.

in the Father’s hands

Christmas – Do you believe?

Peace and Serenity in your heart while the world is crazy with sin.  He came to make peace possible between Him and us.  That Christmas Baby is God’s gift to us at Christmas.

If God had a gift that He could give to you, to let you know how precious that you are, He’d leave His Home to come here as a Baby Boy, and celebrate with His own Christmas star.

Counseling Services

Since 1999 when we incorporated CROSSwalk People Helpers as a charitable non-profit organization we have provided counseling services to individuals, families, companies and organizations.

The key focus was to help people through the dangerous intersections of life and especially to help people who were given to helping and serving others, perhaps in foreign cultures and nations.

people helping people
people helping people

Those same services are available to you.  We can meet you in person or communicate electronically.  Your life can be better, healthier, happier and it doesn’t take a long time really to see big changes.

Contact us and we can plan with you a way to heal, change, and grow.

Merry Christmas . . . WAHOO!

amazed boyThe best news ever: “unto you a Child is born”!

The simple, humble, needy and despicable could hear it.

The busy, the independent, the self righteousness didn’t notice.Christmas

Be wise; seek Him.

Listen for Him to speak His peace on earth and goodwill to men.

In the midst of perversion, abuse, greed, war, hatred etc. we have such a pure hope, such a gift of pure love, such a God and Savior!

Enjoy Him!  Draw near Him!  .  .  .  . and KNOW Him!

Love to you all and thanks for your friendship in our journey/adventure together!

from Mike and Dottie Coen at CROSSwalk People Helpers


You Can’t Do It !

I’ve got good news and bad news for us:  We Can’t Do It!

Yes, that is both good news and bad news.  And, it isn’t very welcome news in our culture in the 21st century as Americans.

The song attached is by a local artist who captures this idea in a song about Nicodemus, a teacher of the Jewish law when he basically asked Jesus Christ: “how can I do it?”  “how can I inherit eternal life?

That story is in John’s Gospel, the 4th book of the New Testament in the Holy Bible.  The answer from Jesus entails the most basic, most profound info about humans relating to God – and vice-versa.

Here are some highlights:

God so loves people that He gave His only Son.

His Son (Jesus Christ) did not come to condemn people.

You can’t start over in human effort; You Can’t Do It!

You can start over in His power, He Can Do It!.

The power is gifted to you when you believe the above with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

Please listen to Michael’s song, carefully, several times!


How Precious That You Are!

Jesus is God’s gift to us at Christmas.

Jesus came to us to bring God’s best.

As we celebrate this time called Christmas,

We pray the earth will know His peace and rest.


If God had a gift that He could give you

To let you know how precious that you are

He’d leave His home to come here as a Baby Boy

And celebrate with His own Christmas star.


Christmas as a child could make me happy.

Christmas as a man can make me cry.

Christmas through the years just grows more lovely.

Jesus came to us from God on high.


Shepherds in the field their watch were keeping,

Another night, their only bed the ground.

But, angels came and took all thought of sleeping;

The best gift of the ages they had found.


Wise men from the east a CURE were seeking

To mend the broken hearts of men on earth.

Bringing precious gifts they came and found Him

But did they know how much His gift was worth?


An old man in the temple courts was waiting.

God’s promised One would come before he died.

He held God’s gift, this tender Child, in fragile hands.

This Baby made his heart so glad, he cried.


Jesus is God’s gift to us at Christmas.

Jesus came to earth to bring God’s best.

As we celebrate this time called Christmas,

We pray His peace will bring this whole world rest.


If God had a gift that He could give you

To let you know how precious that you are,

He’d leave His home to come here as a Baby Boy

And decorate with His own Christmas star.


Have you forgiven them yet?

This question was asked by someone in the audience after a dear woman shared her story about how her daughter was raped and murdered by two men.

“Have you forgiven them yet? ”

The question seemed ridiculously insensitive.  It made me angry that anyone could ask this grieving mother such a question.  It sounded as if she needed to grow up or be more of a true Christian or something.

I was amazed at this woman’s strength in telling her story in the first place.

Now I was further impressed by her poise and grace in answering this question.

“Sir,” she began, “I’m not sure you really understand what forgiveness is.”

“You see,” she continued, “ It is impossible for me to forgive them.”

“I don’t have the authority to do that; I can’t forgive them.  Only God can truly forgive.”

What she was saying was so profound!

We can’t remove anyone’s guilt by ‘letting them off the hook.’

In God’s judgment, they will be accountable.  We can’t take that away.  They will answer to Him inevitably.  They will reap what they have sown.  They will have this on their conscience and have to put up some pretty strong denial defenses to drown out the voice of accusation that is ringing in their ears.  Not only that, but there will also be consequences that fall on them for what they have done.  We can’t remove their guilt or free them from the awful evils they have set in motion.

So what do we mean when we forgive others as God, in Christ, has forgiven us?

For one thing, let me point out the Jewish Old Testament word for forgiveness which is nawsaw, meaning ‘to bear or to carry.’  Isn’t it interesting that the suffering Messiah would carry our sins on Himself on the cross in order to forgive us.  He took the load that was due to fall upon us.  If we receive Him as God’s merciful substitute, then his death counts in place of ours and instead, we receive His very life.  That life within will entirely re-shape us into His image or character.  Because we have been forgiven of all, we can forgive others.

This is still not quite the same as what Christ did for us, because since He was without sin, he could die in our place.  We would have to die for ourselves, for our own sins, so how could we stand in for anybody else?  What then can we do, humanly weak as we are, that God would call forgiveness?

I think it means that we release the offending person from having to satisfy any debt to us.  We leave them to God alone to be judged by Him or to be forgiven by Him if they turn to Him for that.  We let go.  To release another from the obligation they might have toward us.  As though it were a financial debt, we would say, ‘You don’t owe me anymore; as far as I’m concerned, the debt is paid in full.’  The fact that the other person cheated us still remains true.  But now we have disconnected ourselves from the crime.  It is still on them but we are somehow free from the weight of it that we have been carrying.  The intrusive thoughts that plague us when we remember when and how they did what they did, those thoughts that renewed the old pain, are now quieted.

The mother of the victim of unspeakable criminal violence continued her story:

“You see, for me to entertain the anger or bitterness toward these two men would make me a second victim of their crime.  They would now have ruined two lives.  I would be letting them kill me slowly the rest of my life.”

She went on to say that she had actually written them letters in prison, that she had prayed for them often, that they would get themselves right with God.  She told them that they shouldn’t think of her as someone on the outside who hated them, wished them evil or would like to get her hands on them.  They were released to account for themselves to God alone.  She was done.  She would move on.

Don’t imagine for a even a fleeting second that this mother who lost her daughter did not suffer.  She grieved tremendously the tragic loss of her precious girl.  There was a wound there that would only heal with time and rest.  But the poison, the festering disease of hatred was not complicating matters any longer.  She could gradually be restored to health and live the rest of her life.

To forgive, we must carry the offense to God and let it go, trusting Him to deal with the offender as He chooses.  In so doing, we honor Him who gave His only Son to take our own guilt on Himself.  As we trust Him to give us all we truly need, we begin to hope and we rest in Him while He completes the work that we could never accomplish no matter how much striving we might do.  We release the matter to Him.  It isn’t simplistic and it doesn’t minimize the gravity of the offense at all.  It just leaves it in the right hands.  We let it go.

This takes a conscious act on our part.  It may also involve giving a message to the offender if that is possible, much like this mother did in writing her daughter’s murderers in prison.  It may not be possible to send such a message or perhaps the other person will not “receive” the message even if we can send it.  Possibly, the only one who knows the real power of the forgiveness will be the one who knows the relief of release, of letting go.  After all, that is the true goal of forgiveness, to be free of hatred, anger and bitterness.

Must there be reconciliation?  Certainly this mom never had a relationship with these perpetrators in the first place.  She didn’t need to develop some closeness with them now.  In other cases, a close relationship is severed by some offense; in those cases reconciliation may be possible, but it isn’t necessary in all cases.  Sometimes the person forgiven and released does not have the maturity or the freedom to reconcile from their end.  They won’t, or they can’t.

After all, Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, yet not all will be reconciled to God.  Yet, His act of love glorified His Father in heaven. May our forgiveness of others be energized by that same power of Divine love. May His love in us release life through forgiveness of others. May our walking in His life make us truly free.

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