About Us

CROSSwalk People Helpers is a charitable non-profit that serves individuals, families and companies with counseling and consulting.  With volunteers and partnerships, we have reached half way round the globe to Kazakhstan, down into Mexico and over to Israel.

Since 1999 we have offered “distance counseling” via video, phone, chat and email.  Clients have reached out to us for help from all over the world.

Partners have included Sister Cities, Rotary, Project CURE, SHARE Int’l, Open World and many other civic, charitable and church organizations here and abroad.

email us directly at our office in Northern Colorado and we can arrange a practical way to work for you or with you on your own life journey or on a future project.

U.S. Mailing  Address is:    P.O. Box 1712,  Berthoud,  CO  80513

Counseling Service  by appointment:  Phone us at 970 217 2675


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