Disasters, Trauma, Eclipse How do you handle it?

This has been quite a week around Northern Colorado, beginning with the total eclipse of the sun as the moon perfectly blocked the much larger light that we depend on for life on planet earth.  This week alone I was involved in the response to two tragic accidents which changed people’s lives.  At the same time in Texas, record levels of flooding have left many tragic stories and changed the course of whole communities, families and thousands of individuals.

We are actually pretty vulnerable aren’t we?  Where do you go to process such things that cannot be absorbed, explained, prevented or even repaired after the fact?  I find peace with God and learn to be comfortable with the chaos of human experience.  We need Him.  He is coming again soon to set things right.  Things have been anything but right since He left mankind in charge of things down here.  He’ll be back and deal justly with us.  I have yielded and I trust in His mercy through Christ.  How do you handle trauma and tragedy?

In His capable hands, now and forever, I rest in His grip.

in the Father’s hands