Status and Rights of Women

Abuse, domination, exploitation, second-class, property, subservience, weaker sex, domestic violence, male power etc.  Verbage such as this points out the historic human problem of unequal treatment of women.

True, women in Christian nations have been liberated and elevated into equal status with men, at least according to our beliefs.  Our actions as humans still fall far short of that and unfortunately that is true in the history of the Church.  Did you know that famous ancient fathers of the faith discriminated against women?  Thomas Aquinas was guilty of suggesting that clergymen might need to physically discipline their wives to keep them in order!

Many of our more fundamentalist type church family would exclude women from ministry based on texts that were aimed at disorderly conduct in the early church setting.  Back then, the Jewish synagogue was the model for believers assembling for worship and teaching.  They sat in different sections of the hall and of course it was disruptive to blurt out questions to one’s husband across the room!  Another passage directly speaks against a woman’s taking spiritual teaching authority over men.

In contrast, using Scripture to modify our interpretation of other Scripture, I would point out that deacon/evangelist Philip had four unmarried daughters who were known for prophesying (Acts 21:9).  Also, Priscilla was a co-laborer with her husband Aquila and the apostle Paul, involved for one thing in discipling the mighty apologist Apollos.  In Philippi, two women were credited with standing firm, “contending” for the message of Christ.  That clearly would require persuasive speech to preach the gospel or to defend it from erroneous teachers, or both.  Looking at the lists of fellow workers Paul greets at the end of his letters to churches one can see that women played an active leadership role in the early church.

Vestiges of old traditions, customs and prejudices still persist and cloud our judgment about involving women in ministry.  We need the full release of their potential into the vital life of church/family life!

Counseling Services

Since 1999 when we incorporated CROSSwalk People Helpers as a charitable non-profit organization we have provided counseling services to individuals, families, companies and organizations.

The key focus was to help people through the dangerous intersections of life and especially to help people who were given to helping and serving others, perhaps in foreign cultures and nations.

people helping people
people helping people

Those same services are available to you.  We can meet you in person or communicate electronically.  Your life can be better, healthier, happier and it doesn’t take a long time really to see big changes.

Contact us and we can plan with you a way to heal, change, and grow.