After the fire came the flood!

cropped-marquee-for-KULA.pngMany of you have inquired about the office burning down and others about the flooding of three Colorado rivers and some other tributaries and the general excess of water when we got more than 6 months of rainfall in three days.  I did miss one day of work due to the fire and then First Christian Church in Loveland gave me a space until such time as I could find a new place.  I stayed in their offices three days and then was given a very nice office suite, complete with nice furniture.  It was not much more than inconvenient when the floods cut off many of our roads for awhile.  Some roads, like Highway 34 to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, will be years in the rebuilding.  Many were less fortunate and had considerable or even total loss of property and yet others were affected by the death of neighbors and family members.  I volunteered with the Red Cross and the Larimer County Disaster Response Team where I got to meet many of the displaced persons and the emergency responders who were assisting with evacuations, rescues and public safety.  To God be the glory for seeing us through.  We should always be most grateful that He is simply with us.  Never ever will He leave us or forsake us, through the fire and the flood, literally.

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