My Office Burned Up Yesterday!

office fireHow do you handle adversity?

Surprises, tragedies, changes and losses really test us.  After all, it is only when we can’t figure things out that we can even try to use our faith.

In what ways are you trusting God for what you cannot see or figure out?

I walked a mile with pleasure; she chattered all the way!

Leaving me none the wiser for all she had to say.

I walked a mile with sorrow; and never a word said she.

But, OH! the things I learned from her, when sorrow walked with me.


Emotional Intelligence Self-Evaluation

white owl‘What you need now is emotional intelligence,’ was what China’s new president told a graduating class last month at their top tech school.
Now Bloomberg’s Businessweek tells us that Yale’s school of management has added a test of emotional intelligence to its admissions requirements.
And how’s your emotional intelligence?
Just as for IQ, there are several theoretical models of emotional intelligence, each supported by its own set of research findings. The one I’ve proposed — which has fared well in predicting actual business performance — looks at a spectrum of EI-based leadership competencies that each helps a leader be more effective.
Here are some questions that will help you reflect on your own mix of strengths and limits in EI. This is not a “test” of EI, but a “taste” to get you thinking about your own competencies:
1) Are you usually aware of your feelings and why you feel that way?
2) Are you aware of your limitations, as well as your personal strengths, as a leader?
3) Can you manage your distressing emotions well – e.g., recover quickly when you get upset or stressed?
4) Can you adapt smoothly to changing realities?
5) Do you keep your focus on your main goals, and know the steps it takes to get there?
6) Can you usually sense the feelings of the people you interact with and understand their way of seeing things?
7) Do you have a knack for persuasion and using your influence effectively?
8) Can you guide a negotiation to a satisfactory agreement, and help settle conflicts?
9) Do you work well on a team, or prefer to work on your own?
And the good news: emotional intelligence competencies can be upgraded.
Adapted from Dan Goleman, emotional intelligence researcher