Peace, Peace . . . when there is no peace.

Martin Richard Boston 41913Martin Richard asked for “No More Hurting People” on his Peace Poster.  Ironically, we have his photo with the poster as a memory of the tragic Boston Marathon murders and mayhem from April of 2013.

This blog title comes from the words of Jeremiah’s prophecy (chapters 6 and 8).

The fatal flaw in the human condition cannot be remedied by human effort.  Given a few thousand years of repeated human misery and violence, don’t we get it?  The root is SIN, as mentioned in an earlier blog on this site.  We need God’s remedy which is the Cross of Jesus Christ as an end to human failure and the gift of new life is ours, immediately available.  This involves dying to self in order to have His new life.  If guess that is why we hesitate to accept the miracle of new birth and stay in the security of our familiar muck.

What do you think is our problem?  Why don’t we ever change?

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