My Easter Song


The Story of Easter

By Mike Coen, 1969 to the tune of Bob Dylan’s Gates of Eden

This is a song about my Lord and what He has done for me.

It started 2000 years ago on a hill called Calvary.

There on a cross between two thieves He gave His blood for men

And the earth did quake, the veil did rend for Jesus.


His side was pierced and his body was laid in the tomb of another man.

They posted guards then they sealed the door, “let him get out if he can!”

And Judas, that betrayer, went out and he hanged himself in grief

But I’ll be up and around in no time at all said Jesus.


Sunday, three ladies came to the tomb at the rising of the sun.

They were bringing sweet spices to anoint their Lord, The Holy One.

On coming to the garden tomb they saw the stone had been rolled away

And a young man reminded them of the promise of Jesus.


That the Son of Man must be betrayed into the hands of evil men.

As the sign of Jonah, “be buried three days and then I’ll rise again!”

I have words to share that I can’t say now until you are made men

And I go to my Father’s side again said Jesus.


Brothers and sisters as we travel on this straight and narrow way,

Let’s not forget that to “ride that train” all will have to pay.

The shame and reproach of that rugged cross, I fear we all must bear

But it’ll all be fine when we shake the hand of Jesus,

It’ll all be fine when we hear “Well done!” from Jesus,

It’ll all be fine when we live FOREVER with Jesus.

Hope SPRINGs Eternal

white owlHere in Colorado, we expect more snow yet this spring, but the first flowers are up!

In the same way that the dead look of winter gives way to the surprise of new life coming forth, we have hope of good things ahead.

Spring happens every year so we sort of count on it to happen again due to past experience.  But you may have just come through the hardest experiences of your life and wonder if you will ever be happy again.  YOU WILL!

Now is the time to exercise your faith, prepare the ground, plant the seed, cultivate the beginnings of new life and nurture them as God’s gift.  Have HOPE!  The security of it is based in God’s faithfulness, not good fortune.  Spring into HOPE with a thankful heart.