Chicken Tractor

chicken tractorI gave my 8 chickens a mobile home.  It gives them a space to run around in, scratching and pecking, eating and dust bathing to their hearts’ content.  They can be in the open air every day as I move them to a fresh new spot.  The barn is reached from an inside ladder and it has food, water and nesting boxes for eggs plus perches for snuggling to sleep at night.  They are safe from predators, from storms and they can find shade when the sunlight is intense.  What more could they want?

I provide every need and I look out for their safety from hawks and coyotes and other predators.  So why aren’t they content to stay within this sheltered environment?

I move the tractor daily in summer and one day a rebel hen decided to make a break for freedom.  She slipped halfway under the edge and the wood frame pinned her to the ground as it rolled to a new location for the day.  Injuries sustained were fatal. You might say the arrangement that would provide and protect for the chickens became the agent of judgment for rebelling.

Lesson?  Why do we resist the One who made us, provides for us, protects us?
God is the One who knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us more than anyone has yet to love us.  Why indeed.

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