Spiritual Secret

in dads gripIn Dad’s grip, we are secure in our Father!

Many of the world’s best and most famous Christians came to discover a certain secret even after serving their Savior faithfully for years.  Hudson Taylor, the brave soul who moved to China to trust God to take care of him while he risked his life to preach there and even to find his next meal, is a prime example.  Others, household names among Christian churches and families, had the same experience as Hudson – they came to the end of themselves.  Maybe you too have run out of gas trying to be a genuine Christian.  Well,  the secret has been revealed!  Colossians says it was kept secret from prophets and priests and kings but has now been make known.  Are you ready for this? . . . . the secret to living the Christian life is . . . . Christ in you!  Hudson and others, including myself (perhaps YOU are next) finally get it:  it is not you and me living for Christ but Him living His life in and through us!  It is the new birth and the new spirit in us is His Spirit.  Now we have the right to be His children, to have His genes, His life, His breath, His mind and His power.  Sounds like hyperbole maybe but it is the good news, straight up.  Hudson and others, including me, including maybe you too, have found what it means that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  It is because He lives it in and through us as we simply yield and get out of His way.  Meditate on the message of Colossians, Romans and Galatians and you will see that I’m not making this up!  The word is out; the secret has been revealed!

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