Treatment: Organ Transplant

Since a good number of people responded to Diagnosis: SIN last week, I thought I would go to the treatment plan next.Christmas

What we need to fix the terminal condition called SIN is an organ transplant.  The HEART is what must be replaced and our loving Savior will give us His own to replace ours.  The new version will interact will all our other organs, especially the MIND.  As a counselor I know the importance of getting the mind, heart, emotions and will all in sync with Him as our lifesource.  We can’t change our nature any more than an apple tree can decide it would like to produce coconuts.

As mentioned in the previous blog, we may reject the transplanted organ as foreign.  To our peril!  The new heart/mind energized by God Himself will adjust the whole system to become healthy if we yield to His masterful plans.

No waiting for the donor or even for an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome!

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