Diagnosis: SIN

Now that’s an inviting title isn’t it?

Reading this morning in the New Testament book “Romans”, chapter 5, I thought of an analogy.  Without the law, it says, sin is not taken into account.  Yet, according to the context, people were dying – ALL PEOPLE – before the law came to identify the cause.  Kind of like finding the germ or the gene that is so deadly that it kills the entire race of humankind.  The Law is good in defining sin for what it is.  It is there and it is killing us but now we see how sin shows up in our selfishness, lying, stealing, prejudice/hate, and lustful emotional pursuits of life and pleasure apart from our Creator.

So, we’re stricken with a terminal and debilitating disease.  Now what?  We have two remedies to consider.  One is to vaccinate and prevent the spread of the disease of sin before it destroys our children by training them in the ways of the Lord.  Second remedy will heal those who are nearly ruined by sin (not just actions but the independent from God attitude.)  That remedy is like an antibiotic.  The whole course of medication must be taken to clear out the disease or it can rebound and come back to get us.  Another way God’s forgiveness and new birth gift of cleansing could fit our analogy is that we really need a transplant: a new heart, a transformed mind.  What happens when one gets a transplant besides getting a new life to live?  Well, the old organs don’t recognize it and try to reject it.  That takes continual medication to hold back the natural rejection process.

There you have the definition and cure of sin and the difference between sin and the flesh (the tendency to reject God’s life in favor of continuing to run things our own way.)  Like Cain, the first murderer, we must master sin which is waiting at our doorstep.  We can’t do that in our own strength and the law was sesin at your doorstepnt to help us see that.

Let the law expose the reality of your needy condition, accept the cure and stay in recovery.  It’s not shaping ourselves up but humbly accepting the remedy and staying in vital connection with our Lifesource.

What other points do YOU see in this analogy?

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